LinkedIn with Blue Gurus

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with Jason Terry of Blue Gurus to host a session to help students and parents alike learn how to properly manage their online professional networking skills on LinkedIn! Jason is an expert in online networking and has worked with dozens of organizations and hundreds of individuals in maximizing their potential on the social media platform!

Most people have social media accounts but very few know how to effectively leverage them to either start or further their career!  Often, people set up a LinkedIn account without taking the time to  research what makes a profile attractive to future employers and/or clients.

Since 94% of job recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates, it’s important that you represent yourself in the best possible way! On top of that – more and more college admission offices are using social media to learn more about their applicants. Jason will teach you how to create a profile that cuts through the noise, and you’ll learn how to stand out among the millions of users/applicants.

The cost is $195 for the first family member and only $100 for each additional sibling/parent. Date to be announced in Spring 2017.

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