ACT Semi-Private Tutoring

Semi-Private Tutorial/Build-Your-Own Course

Have an unpredictable, or maybe, impossible schedule? Want to have a class with just your friends?

These are both great reasons to create your own 10-session (20-hour) course, one taught by one of our Standard TutorsMaster Tutors, or Premier Tutors. If you are interested in putting together a Semi-Private ACT class, please contact us at 913.322.3400. Some steps you can take before then:

1. Identify a group of at least 2, but no more than 4, students who would be able to attend 10 2-hour class sessions together.
2. Arrange for those students to come in at their convenience to take a Free Practice ACT.
3. Identify an evening during which parents and students could come in for one hour and discuss score reports from the practice tests as well as expectations for improvement. We look forward to working with you!

*Standard Level Tutors can be a great option for many students.*

The cost for the GSP Standard Semi-Private Tutorial is $1295 per student.

*Master Level Tutors have between 2-5 years of experience teaching test prep, offer consistent score increases, and command a loyal customer base who have had their college choices deeply impacted by higher scores.*

 The cost for the GSP Master Semi-Private Tutorial is $1645 per student.

*Premier Level Tutors represent the very best our company offers.*

The cost for the GSP Premier Semi-Private Tutorial is $1995 per student.