The PSAT/NMSQT is used to help a student assess where they are in preparation for the SAT.  For approximately the top 1% of students, the PSAT is also used as the initial hurdle in becoming a National Merit Finalist.  The scoring, sections, and length are slightly different than the SAT, but in general the test is a decent barometer of how a student will perform on the SAT.

In order to prepare for the PSAT, we recommend that a student have a minimum of a 185 on the National Merit Selection Index (1240-SAT) for a Private Tutorial, a 190 on the NMSC Index (1270-SAT) for a Custom Course, and/or a 202 on the NMSC Index (1360-SAT) for the Custom Express Course.

  • PSAT Information Session

    Want to know more about the changes to the upcoming PSAT and the SAT? This one-hour session is for you! We will talk you through the changes to the PSAT and the SAT and how those changes affect your students. There will also be plenty of time to ask questions!
  • Private Tutorial

    Get Smarter Prep Tutorials allow the curriculum and schedule to be unique to the student. Tutorials are typically between 6 & 15 hours in duration (4 - 10 weeks). Private Tutoring can be with a Standard Tutor ($150/hr), Master Tutor ($250/hr), or Premier Tutor ($350/hr).
  • Custom Course

    Have an unpredictable, or maybe, impossible schedule? Want to focus on specific topics? Want to have a class with just your friends? These are all great reasons to create your own 11-session (22-hour) course, one taught by one of our Master Tutors or Premier Tutors. The cost for the GSP Master Custom Course is $1600 and the cost for the GSP Premier Custom Course is $2000. We can help you build a group or you can invite your friends!
  • Custom Express Course

    The Get Smarter Prep 12-hr Custom Express Course utilizes our proven curriculum in order to help students within a particular score range reach their goal. The cost for a Master Custom Express Course is $800 and the cost for a Premier Custom Express Course is $1000.